“The songs of Noel McKay, they’re like those one of a kind items, CAREFULLY CRAFTED with their DOVETAILED JOINTS and BEVELED EDGES, and proudly engraved with a maker’s mark. They’re well-loved, and presented to the world without commercial concern, and more for the memories they hold, or that they will soon impart.” (Saving Country Music)

“Clark considered McKay a kindred spirit; this IMMENSELY LISTENABLE ALBUM is firm evidence of his excellent judgement.”  
(Mike Davies, FolkRadio.co.uk)

“Noel McKay’s BLUE BLUE BLUE crosses dreamland highways while hanging a metaphysical elbow and cruising at the speed of reminiscence.” (SoundAndSoulOnline.com)

“There is a NOTICEABLE TENDERNESS embedded in many of the tracks…the album recalls the work of the CLASSIC singer songwriters that have prompted McKay’s three-decade career.”   
(Lonesome Highway)   

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