New in 2021! "Blue Blue Blue"

“The songs of Noel McKay, they’re like those one of a kind items, CAREFULLY CRAFTED with their DOVETAILED JOINTS and BEVELED EDGES, and proudly engraved with a maker’s mark. They’re well-loved, and presented to the world without commercial concern, and more for the memories they hold, or that they will soon impart.” (Saving Country Music

“Noel McKay’s BLUE BLUE BLUE crosses dreamland highways while hanging a metaphysical elbow and cruising at the speed of reminiscence.” (SoundAndSoulOnline.com

“There is a NOTICEABLE TENDERNESS embedded in many of the tracks…the album recalls the work of the CLASSIC singer songwriters that have prompted McKay’s three-decade career.”
(Lonesome Highway

“Clark considered McKay a kindred spirit; this IMMENSELY LISTENABLE ABLUM is firm evidence of his excellent judgement.”
(Mike Davies, FolkRadio.co.uk)

"Tan solo ha editado dos álbumes en una década, pero el tejano Noel McKay es uno de los tesoros mejor guardados de Texas. Descubierto por Guy Clark, su tercer registro es una serie interminable de canciones hechas a mano."

(Manolete Fernandez, Madrid, SPAIN)
English Translation:

"I’ve only reviewed two albums in ten years but, Texan Noel McKay is one of the great closely guarded treasures of Texas. Discovered by Guy Clark, his third release is a continuation of a wellspring of handcrafted songs."


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