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“Flying And Falling” was written by Noel McKay and Guy Clark, who also recorded a song the pair co-wrote (“El Coyote”) for his Grammy-winning album, My Favorite Picture of You. McKay also notes a guitar the two built together is featured prominently on the album.

"Open All Night" written by Noel McKay, copyright 2021 (Den What Publishing, SESAC)

"I never really get tired of traveling. I wonder sometimes if the effects of relativity have had their way with me a little as I’ve hurled myself through time and space unmercifully for the past couple of decades. I kind of hope so."

"Blue, Blue, Blue," written by Noel McKay, copyright 2009 (Den What Music SESAC). Video production by Kaitlyn Raitz. Song production by Eldridge Goins.